Friday, 19 August 2016

The Big Fat YA Quiz

Our first-ever Big Fat YA quiz takes place on the 19th August at 8pm BST. There will be 40 questions divided up into six rounds:

  • Round 1 - 6 questions: the emoji round. Six book titles told through emojis.
  • Round 2 - 6 questions: the first-line round. Six first-line quotes. Can you guess which book they come from?
  • Round 3 - 6 questions: the book cover round. I'll show you six book cover sections; can you guess the book they come from?
  • Round 4 - 6 questions: the character round. I'll give you clues to YA characters and you need to match them to the book.
  • Round 5 - 6 questions: the quote round. Six quotes from YA books.
  • Round 6 - 10 questions: mix 'n' match. A little bit of everything to test you hardcore YA fans.
For each question, you'll need to tell me the book title AND the author (Twitter handle if you can) to win the point. You must also use the #YAtakeover hashtag to gain the point.

Each question is worth one point. That's a total of 40 points that are available on the night.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

The rules:
  1. No Googling, Binging or asking Jeeves or Siri. Keep it fair and keep it exciting.
  2. I will like, from the @YAfictionados, the person that answers the question correctly with the book title, author and accompanies it with the #YAtakeover hashtag and in the quickest time.
  3. If the book title is abbreviated, I will accept this answer if it is clear you know the book. For example, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, answered as "Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender".
  4. Reply to my question rather than quoting the tweet. It becomes more difficult to decipher who got the answer first.
  5. This is open to UK and Ireland only BUT if any of our international friends want to join in and win, I will do my best to send you some book swag. I'm nice like that.
  6. If you win, please DM me your full name and address and I will endeavour to post the books ASAP. In your DM, please mention the "Big Fat YA Quiz".

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