Friday, 18 December 2015

The #YAtakeover Schedule

8th January 2016

Twitter Chat: Best Reads of 2015
Time: 7.00pm-7.45pm
Readers, bloggers, authors and booksellers chat about their favourite reads of 2015. Looking for book recommendations? This could be just the chat for you!

Prizes in YA
Time: 8.00pm-8.50pm
Interview Panel: Charlotte Eyre, Jake Hope and Katie Webber
Host: @Joyisreading

Join us as some of the book industry's finest talent talk us through YA prizes and why they are so important to the genre.

Libraries and Reading in the Digital Age
Time: 09.00pm-09.40pm
Interview Panel: Alexia Casale and E. R. Murray
Host: @helloiammariam

Alexia and Elizabeth discuss the importance of libraries, reaching readers in the digital age and the future of YA literature.


Art in YA
Time: 9.50pm-10.30pm
Interview Panel: Jenn Bennett and Melissa Keil
Host: @Jenny_books_art

Jenny discusses representations of art in YA literature and more closely in their respective works.

'It's All in Your Head': Suicide and Depression in YA Literature

Time: 10.40pm-11.30pm
Interview Panel: Jasmine Warga and Jennifer Niven
Host: @ChelleToy

Michelle is joined by Jennifer and Jasmine who will chat about the stigmas of depression and the consequences of suicide in their work.
9th January 2016
The Bizarre and the Brilliant
Time: 12.00am-12.45am
Interview Panel: Andrew Smith
Host: @Lottie_LovesB

Andrew Smith discusses his unique writing style, what inspires him and teenage literacy.

'LGBT: You Be Who You Want To Be'

Time: 02.00am-02.50am
Interview Panel: Becky Albertalli & I. W. Gregorio
Host: @YAblooker

Becky and Ilene discuss sexual identity and being true to yourself.

Angels and Demons

Time: 03.15am-04.00am
Interview Panel: Jana Oliver and Lauren Kate
Host: @City_Of_YA

Jana and Lauren chat about representations of angels and demons in YA literature and more closely in their own stories.

No Frills Fiction

Time: 04.15am-5.00am
Interview Panel: Lynn Weingarten and Ryan Graudin
Host: @YAblooker
Lynn and Ryan discuss the grittier side to fiction.

Gothic Fiction:
Time: 05.10am-05.50am
Interview Panel: Kendare Blake
Host: @YAblooker 

Kendare chats to us about everything from ghosts to gods. Not to be missed!

Crossover Fiction
Time: 06.00am-06.40am
Interview Panel: Christi J. Whitney
Host: @YAblooker

Christopher questions Christi on YA literature's increasing popularity and it's crossover appeal to both adults and teens. 

Supernatural Seduction

Time: 09.00am-09.45am
Interview Panel: Anna McKerrow, C. J. Daugherty and Lu Hersey
Host: @maximumpopbooks

The supernatural has always been a strong trope in YA literature. Anna, C. J. and Lu discuss the supernatural in their work.


 Mental Health is Not a Spectator Sport

Time: 09.55am-10.40am
Interview Panel: Brian Conaghan, Eve Ainsworth, Siobhan Curham and Tabitha Suzuma
Host: @helloiammariam

Four of YA's most talented authors come together to chat to Mariam about the representation of mental health in YA literature and the portrayals in their respective books.

 Keep Your Friends Close

Time: 10.50am-11.30ampm
Interview Panel: Jess Vallance and Marcus Sedgwick
Host: @ChelleToy
Our panel discuss the representation of friendship in YA literature.

Fantastic Fantasy

Time: 11.40am-12.25pm
Interview Panel: Melinda Salisbury and Samantha Shannon
Host: @AssassinGrisha

Our panel consists of two of 2015's most successful Fantasy writers.

If You Can't Love Yourself, How in the Hell Are You Going to Love Someone Else?
Time: 12.35pm-1.15pm
Interview Panel: Abbie Rushton, Lisa Williamson and Liz Kessler,

Joshua looks at love and sexual identity in YA literature.

The End of the World
Time: 1.25pm-2.05pm
Interview Panel: Teri Terry and Virginia Bergin
Host: @ChelleToy

Teri And Virginia discuss their latest books and dystopia in their work.

Everybody Say Love!

Time: 2.10pm-2.55pm
Interview Panel: C. J. Skuse, Cat Clark, Keren David, L. A. Weatherly and Laura Jarratt

Our panel discusses love in all its forms.

 It's Behind You!

Time: 3.00pm-3.45pm
Interview Panel: Darren Shan and Matt Whyman
Host: @MyBookishLife

Our panel discuss horror in their writing.

Crime and Mystery

Time: 4.00pm-4.40pm
Interview Panel: Lauren Oliver and Robin Stevens
Host: @ChelleToy

Lauren and Robin discuss two very diverse representations of crime and mystery.

Rude, Crude and Uncouth: The Shouldn'ts, Couldn'ts and Wouldn'ts of YA Lit

Time: 4.55pm-5.40pm
Interview Panel: Louise O'Neill, Non Pratt and Sally Green
Host: @EmilyDrabs

Our panel discuss taboo in their work and the need to represent taboo in YA lit.

Playing the Victim

Time: 5.50pm-6.30pm
Interview Panel: Holly Smale and Sarah Mussi
Host: @YAblooker

Our panel discuss representations of female characters that refuse to be victims of circumstance.

Blood is Thicker Than Water

Time: 6.45pm-7.30pm
Interview Panel: Clare Furniss, Lisa Heathfield and Sarah Crossan
Host: @ChelleToy 

Our panel discuss three very different portraits of familial relations. 

Alternate Reader Channels

Time: 7.40pm-8.20pm
Interview Panel: Alice Oseman and Taran Matharu

Our panel discuss different ways of reaching readers and why this is so important in a digital age.

Fact or Fiction

Time: 8.30pm-9.10pm
Interview Panel: Frances Hardinge and M. G. Harris
Host: @YAblooker

Our panel talk about deception and secrets as they discuss the multi-faceted characters and intricate plots they have created.

Twitter Chat: Most Anticipated 2016 Reads

Time: 9.30pm-10.00pm

We take a look at some of the most hyped and sought-after books in 2016. Have a pen ready because your TBR pile is about to get a whole lot bigger!
There will be tons of giveaways throughout the event across Twitter and Instagram. To be in with a chance of winning, follow us on Twitter @YAfictionados and on Instagram yafictionados. We will feature blog posts, giveaways, Twitter chats and interviews so be sure to mark this event in your calenders!
Please note that all times are GMT. The schedule is subject to change.


  1. Awesome! I looked and looked, though, and couldn't find time zones mentioned anywhere.

  2. Hello there, sorry about this. I didn't receive a notification that you'd commented (which is quite strange) so apologies for the delay! Changes to the draft schedule weren't updated when I executed them. I can only apologise for this and tell you that for the #YAtakeover 2.0, we will iron out this issue! Thanks for commenting!

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