Friday, 11 December 2015



To spread some festive, book-ish cheer in the run-up to Christmas (and the #YAtakeover), we are launching a book-tubing venture in the form of a game.
#PassTheParcel will see a package delivered to three book-tubers. They will film themselves opening the package (which will contain a book - one that is personal to me) and a set of twenty flash cards plus instructions. Each card will have a clue to a particular book (a recreation of a well-known, YA cover, for example) or something more subjective (such as your favourite YA villain). The answering of these clues will be filmed, timed and posted on Youtube. The package is then re-sealed and the process repeated (it includes everything plus a book that is personal to you).

Everyone that takes part between now and the #YAtakeover on the 9th January 2016 will be in with a chance to win a copy of Tess Sharpe's Far From You and Robyn Schneider's Extraordinary Means. This is not just for book-tubers and book bloggers. Absolutely anyone can take part. You don't have to have a fancy, state-of-the-art camera to take part. A smart phone or tablet does the job just as well!

If you're interested in taking part, e-mail us at with #PassTheParcel in the subject line or tweet us at @YAfictionados.
Help us spread the book-ish cheer!

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